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Freelance writer, editor, and tutor. I write about politics, health, NYC and other things.


  • D. K. Blaire

    D. K. Blaire

    Free thinker. Free wheeler. Never-back-downer. Author of Chattel Rising, The Schizo etc - see for further info. Contact

  • Duluckaulas


  • Plinea Rubim

    Plinea Rubim

    Mom of Twins | Wife | Self Development | Entrepreneur | Funnel Builder. “I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth “

  • Competish - Group Weight Loss

    Competish - Group Weight Loss

    This weight loss challenge app lets you make a group with your friends and family to lose weight. Create a group, invite others to join, challange others.

  • Fit Vision

    Fit Vision

    I write about the health and fitness tips | products reviews | Promotion

  • Bijeta


    Currently I am a homemaker and a youtuber, earlier I used to do a job as quality officer in a food company. I love to read and write so let's get started.

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